What Makes Our Platform Different?

Opensea, is no question the largest and most respected NFT marketplace thus far and we truly admire what they have built and done for the NFT community. The Dreamster NFT social media network and NFT music streaming and the NFT marketplace OpenSea have different primary purposes and features. OpenSea is primarily an NFT marketplace, allowing creators to sell their NFTs to collectors and investors. It provides a platform for buyers and sellers to connect and transact in a secure and transparent way. OpenSea does not provide a streaming service, Opensea is also a centralized platform that relies on central servers, we are decentralized with features to on-board Web2 users to Web3.
In contrast, the Dreamster NFT social media platform is primarily focused on providing a social experience for NFT creators, musicians, collectors, and enthusiasts. Dreamster allows users to create and share NFTs, connect with other users, and participate in various social activities related to NFTs. The platform has built its own media player, which is designed specifically for listening to NFT music and videos stored on IPFS. This media player is integrated into the platform and allows users to generate revenue, listen to NFT music and watch NFT videos without needing to use external media players.
In addition to its media player, the Dreamster platform also offers a range of other features designed to support social interactions around NFTs and Cryptocurrency. These include messaging and chat functionality, social feeds for sharing and discovering NFTs, and tools for creating and customizing user profiles. The platform also includes other features not available on opensea such as utilizing its own native token “Dster” to purchase NFTs on the binance blockchain and for rewarding the community. The decentralized Dreamster digital wallet which was created to easily and securely store, send, and receive thousands of cryptocurrencies on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Blockchain. The Dreamster controlled exchange which was built to give users access to staking, trading, exchanging cryptocurrency along with the Dreamster token. Finally, Dreamster has partnered with Raddx play to earn game and purchased virtual realestate alongside Pepsi, Polygon, and Flipkart, so we can give our users a metaverse platform to participate in events related to NFTs, such as live streams, virtual meetups, music events and much much more.
Overall, while both the Dreamster NFT social media platform and OpenSea are focused on the NFT market, they have different primary purposes and features. OpenSea is primarily an NFT marketplace that we respect and collaborate with, while Dreamster is focused on providing a social experience for NFT creators, collectors, crypto enthusiast, Web 3 community and its own media player for NFT music and videos.