• Run audits, and security checks and Release Mainnet of the nft marketplace with multichain blockchain
  • Start Global Marketing Campaign with all social media channels, Social Media influencers, AMA’s, Podcast, Partnerships, Ad Campaigns, PR campaigns, Events, Affiliates program, and more.
  • Develop partnerships with artists (arts, musicians, creators), partnerships with b usinesses to create profiles on the Social Media NFT marketplace
  • Dreamster multi utility token ( Dster) on mainnet
  • Web 3.0 multi -currency wallet available on iOS and android
  • Rewards Airdrop including incentives to receive token, bounty and airdrops via the Dapp portal


  • Corporate partnerships and collabs will be announced
  • Token sale (private sale, ieo,) staking and liquidity (defi) protocol for dster tokens on Dreamster exchange
  • Focus groups with musicians and feedback on Streaming platform
  • Add more professional team members
  • Attend blockchain conferences and meetups to discuss ecosystem
  • Continuous audit of smart contract and Security screens for vunerabilities


  • Release beta of the Dreamster audio video player (davp) to offer streaming for audio and video nft playback experience for users. provide API for the Dreamster audio video player to the developer community for easy integration with other platforms
  • Atlanta Tech Village Event Soft Introduction of platform to Friends and Family
  • Music partnerships announced
  • Info sessions via podcast and YouTube live about Music Streaming NFTs and Videos
  • Community participation event to give feedback on what they would like to see offered in the Dreamster Streaming Music Player

Q4- 2023

  • Align more strategic Music partnerships for growth
  • Create more educational tools around Music NFTs and Cryptocurrency
  • Review Roadmap and update for 2024
  • Plan to add artificial intelligence tools and functionalities
  • Integrate Advanced Features on the Music Streaming player
  • AMAs for all Dreamster products

Q1- 2024

  • Fine Tune Development of all products prior to full launch
  • Penetration Testing for all products
  • Introduce Dreamster staking contract and flow
  • Continous smart contract audits by source hat and Rectify AI
  • Focus groups for feedback on Music Streaming platform
  • Hackathons
  • Launchpad Listing

Q2- 2024

  • Initiate Marketing for the Dreamster Token and Airdrops
  • Initiate Marketing for the Music Streaming Application
  • Secure all partnerships and agreements with new staff
  • Close Private, and Public Token Generation Event Rounds
  • Secure listings on Tier 1 exchanges
  • Continous collection of data to improve strategies and products
  • Implement AI and combined blockchain strategy to scale
  • Live AMAs, Podcasts, In-person events, Music Events, Artist collaborations and interviews