Executive Summary

The rise of technology has changed the way we listen to music, own digital assets, share content, and consume information. However, traditional music streaming platforms are centralized, meaning that they are controlled by a single entity. This centralized control has led to a number of issues, artist not generating accurate revenue, lack of transparency in the revenue model, and lack of true user ownership. Dreamster aims to solve these issues with its decentralized Non fungible token(NFT) social marketplace and utility streaming service for NFTs. The platform and ecosystem allows users to monetize their content (Music, instrumentals, Videos, Art) through NFTs, Digital Wallets and Cryptocurrency. Built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, the company sees itself as a new generation social media and music streaming, created on the principles of decentralization and transparency. The company was founded in the United States of America in 2021 and later opened its operations in the Republic of Panama. Dreamster holds a license for one of its NFT marketplaces in the UAE region, a license in Lithuania for its Decentralized Wallet & Crypto Exchange and finally a DAO registered in Wyoming in the USA.
Message from the Founder “If you truly understand the power we have in a decentralized society, then you too are a Dreamster”
“Dreamster Definition” A genius with big dreams; A scientist who sees the magic in everything; The evolved hipster who is self-sustained and independent; A person who makes it difficult to talk shit on; One who creates his/her own reality with complete awareness; one who has elusive and humble, yet bold and powerful qualities; a leader of leaders; skilled in many art forms; an alpha in a pack of alphas