The Market Opportunities

For the past few years, we have done extensive research and review and wanted to address the following pain points:
  • Bridging the gap from Web 2 users to Web 3
  • Lack of access and knowledge for Non-Fungible Tokens
  • Social Media platforms not decentralized or integrated with Web 3
  • Streaming platforms not paying artist full worth nor fan engagement

How Dreamster will Address the Market Pain Points

After completing extensive research, Dreamster has developed the following solutions to address the pain points:
  • Implemented the Google, Facebook, Email login with Web 3 Decentralized Infrastructure
  • Full access and utility for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Social Media NFT Application to collaborate and monetize digital assets
  • Music and Video NFT streaming application for artist generate revenue & fans to own music
  • Native Utility token “Dster” to access applications, & reward users for governance
  • Licensed Crypto Exchange and Wallet for easy access to crypto for Dreamsters and non crypto users such as music fans and musicians!
End User Needs
Our Solutions
Since there are so many NFT marketplaces available the user needs place to call home, have easy log in access and where they can collaborate, socialize, govern the platform, monetize their assets, create NFTs, and most importantly “HAVE FUN” doing it.
We have built the social media NFT Marketplace where the user is able to connect with a decentralized wallet and email all while controlling their data, assets, and identity. Our Dreamster token puts more power in the hands of the community which allows them to purchase on the NFT marketplace for discounted fees, vote on protocol updates and changes, and more.
The user needs to be incentivized for choosing a platform because of the decentralized world we live in.
We have built the rewards Dapp application so when a user connects to our Music Streaming, Wallet, Exchange or Marketplace they will be rewarded Dreamster tokens for their participation. Staking the Dreamster token will also give you more rewards and more access once you are logged into the platforms. We have the ultimate SocialFi ecosystem at the palms of your hands.
Unique Features to continuously be able to maximize time and monetize their work
The Music streaming platforms allows creators to easily connect with a wallet or email and upload music. They can also token gate their asset putting a restriction on who can download to the app, thus creating exclusive value and access. The NFT marketplace has multiple chains for users to mint, create, buy, swap and sell NFTs with social media capabilities to follow, like, and comment. The Dreamster wallet allows for secure storing of NFTs, tokens, and swaps on multiple blockchains.
A way to actually listen and share music NFTs or watch video NFTs.
While the Dreamster NFT Marketplace allows creators to turn an audio or video into an NFT, there were not any places for users to listen or view these NFTs. We provide the streaming application where a creator can post their own NFTs and give access to the world, providing a real world use case for owning the token. The streaming service and split the revenues all work through the smart contract.