🎡Dreamster Music Streaming Token Gated Platform

Dreamsters Music Token Gated Platform acts as our streaming solution seamlessly combined with our NFT Social Media Marketplace. This groundbreaking platform utilizes technology and IPFS storage to provide content in the form of unique tokens (NFTs). By using file storage our Music Player guarantees content storage preserving the authenticity and integrity of each digital asset. Music lovers can listen to free music all day as long as the artist has not restricted access with the token gated feature!

In the token gated model listeners need to possess the NFT for an album or single track to listen and appreciate the music. This method ensures earnings, for the artist. Establishes rightful ownership of the digital music asset for the listener. At the heart of this ecosystem lies the Dreamster token referred to as "Dster," which acts as the currency for accessing tier levels within the 'Backstage Pass Feature.' Moreover Dster offers opportunities for listeners and creators to earn token rewards based on their activity levels on the platform.

Operated by contracts our Music Player guarantees transparency in fund management. Reward distribution. These smart contracts enable compensation for content creators while encouraging users to share and endorse content within the community. Through this mechanism Dreamster promotes a cooperative environment where creators receive recognition, for their contributions and users actively engage in sharing and discovering music.Copyrights and Licensing

When a creator uploads their music to the Dreamster platform, Dreamster enables the implementation of a comprehensive copyright protection system. Here's how it works:

  1. Content Identification: Dreamster utilizes advanced audio fingerprinting technology to create a unique digital signature for each uploaded music track. This fingerprint acts as a digital identifier specific to that piece of content.

  2. Copyright Database Comparison: Dreamster compares the audio fingerprints of the uploaded music tracks against its extensive database of copyrighted content. This database contains licensed music from major labels, independent artists, and copyright holders.

  3. Copyright Infringement Detection: If Dreamster detects a match between the uploaded track and a copyrighted work in its database, it alerts Dreamster of a potential copyright infringement. This detection can identify unauthorized copies, pirated versions, or unlicensed usage of copyrighted content.

  4. Copyright Enforcement: Dreamster can take appropriate action based on the copyright infringement detection. This may include blocking or removing the infringing content from the platform, issuing warnings or penalties to the uploader, or escalating the matter to the relevant copyright holders.

We at Dreamster have gained access to a powerful and reliable content recognition system that significantly reduces the risk of copyright infringement on its platform. This helps protect the rights of creators and copyright holders while maintaining a trusted and legal environment for music streaming.

Additionally, adding these tools helps benefit Dreamster in the following ways:

  1. Improved Platform Reputation: By actively enforcing copyright protection, Dreamster demonstrates its commitment to respecting intellectual property rights. This enhances the platform's reputation among artists, copyright holders, and users who value a secure and fair ecosystem.

  2. Legal Compliance: Collaborating aids Dreamster in adhering to copyright laws and regulations. It minimizes legal risks associated with hosting copyrighted content without proper authorization.

  3. Efficient Content Moderation: the automated content identification system speeds up the process of identifying copyright infringements. This helps Dreamster efficiently manage its content moderation efforts and respond promptly to infringement issues.

In summary, copyright tool provides an effective mechanism to safeguard against copyright infringement on the platform. It combines advanced audio fingerprinting technology with an extensive copyright database, enabling quick and accurate identification of copyrighted works. By leveraging these benefits, Dreamster can foster a secure and legally compliant environment for creators, copyright holders, and music enthusiasts on its NFT music streaming platform.

Security and Quantum Resistance

The player uses blockchain technology to ensure the security and immutability of the content stored on the platform. This means that the content cannot be altered or deleted, providing a secure and tamper-proof way of storing digital content. The player is also designed to be quantum-resistant, meaning that it is protected against potential attacks from quantum computers in the future.

How it Works with the Dreamster NFT Marketplace, DAVP integrates with NFT marketplace to provide the platform for content creators to sell and distribute their work. The marketplace is used to list the NFTs for sale and the player is used to play the content stored in the NFTs.

The player uses smart contracts to enforce the terms of the transaction between the content creator and the buyer. The smart contracts ensure that the content creator is fairly compensated for their work and that the buyer receives the content they purchased.


  • Access via Desktop version or Download the app and install Dreamster Music

  • Connect a Metamask wallet or Email log in.

  • Select the subscription of your choice to the platform

  • Browse and listen to free music that comes with the subscription or if you own the music which in this case is in the form of the NFT(Select claim and you can now listen to the music forever when your wallet that holds the NFT is connected)

  • Use the Dreamster token β€œDster” to access exclusive features like bonus tracks, tier levels, and payouts for plays and listens.

  • NFT owners will also have the ability to share their playlist for a small fee that will be divided amongst the Artist, NFT owner and platform. This is how fans can use our "Become a Music Distributor" Service.

  • If you purchase an NFT, the smart contract will ensure that the content creator is fairly compensated.

Dreamster's audio video music player (DAVP) is a new and innovative platform that utilizes blockchain technology and IPFS storage to play digital content in the form of NFTs. The player provides a secure and decentralized way for content creators to store and distribute their work and uses NFTs to access content. The player also uses smart contracts to reward both the content creator and the user for sharing the content and has blockchain security and quantum resistance, making it a secure and future-proof platform for digital content creation and distribution. Beta testing will be on-going as we work to bring this product to the masses.

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