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    Controlled Token Supply: With a total token supply of 1,000,000,000 Dster, the project demonstrates a commitment to managing the token supply responsibly. This controlled supply contributes to maintaining token value and preventing excessive inflation.
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    Seed Round Allocation: The seed round allocation of 100,000,000 Dster allows early investors to participate in the project's growth. The initial release of 10,000,000 Dster (10%) after a 6-month cliff ensures that there is some liquidity available while still incentivizing long-term commitment through a 24-month vesting period.
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    Private Round Allocation: The private round allocation of 50,000,000 Dster provides an opportunity for strategic investors to support the project's development. The 10% initial release (5,000,000 Dster) after a 3-month cliff ensures early liquidity, and the subsequent 24-month vesting period encourages sustained interest and commitment.
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    Public Allocation: The allocation of 10,000,000 Dster to the public offers an opportunity for wider participation. The immediate release of 100% of tokens without a cliff or vesting period allows the public to have instant access to their tokens and engage with the project.
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    Team and Advisors Allocation: The allocation of 150,000,000 Dster to the team and 50,000,000 Dster to advisors ensures alignment of incentives. The gradual release of tokens (1% initially) after a 4-month cliff and subsequent 24-month vesting period motivates the team and advisors to contribute to the project's long-term success.
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    Community Engagement: The allocation of 100,000,000 Dster to the community fosters inclusivity and active participation. With the lock-up period of 36-month vesting schedule.
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    Partnerships and Marketing: The allocation of 20,000,000 Dster to partnerships and 20,000,000 Dster to marketing emphasizes the project's commitment to growth and visibility. The initial release of 1% of tokens after a 3-month cliff, followed by a 24-month vesting period, ensures sustained efforts and value creation.
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    Ecosystem Fund: The allocation of 300,000,000 Dster to the ecosystem fund demonstrates a focus on long-term sustainability and development. The release of 100% of tokens after a 4-month cliff, along with a 36-month vesting period, enables the fund to support the project's ecosystem and initiatives over an extended period.
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    Treasury: The allocation of 150,000,000 Dster to the treasury establishes a reserve of tokens for future use. The initial release of 5% (7,500,000 Dster) without a cliff and a 12-month vesting period allows the project to maintain liquidity while preserving tokens for strategic purposes.
  10. 10.
    Token Liquidity: The allocation of 50,000,000 Dster to token liquidity ensures there is liquidity available in the market. The initial release of 10% (5,000,000 Dster) after a 1-month cliff, followed by a 6-month vesting period, supports healthy market dynamics and liquidity provision.
Token release schedule details Dreamster Token “Dster” release schedule percentage
1st Month:
  • Seed: 10% of 100,000,000 = 10,000,000
  • Private: 10% of 50,000,000 = 5,000,000
  • Public: 10,000,000 (immediate release)
  • Team: 0 (due to 4-month cliff)
  • Advisors: 0 (due to 3-month cliff)
  • Community: 0 (no initial unlock and a 3-month cliff)
  • Partnerships: 0 (due to 3-month cliff)
  • Marketing: 0 (due to 4-month cliff)
  • Ecosystem fund: 0 (no initial unlock )
  • Treasury: 7,500,000 (5% of 150,000,000)
  • Token Liquidity: 5,000,000 (10% of 50,000,000)
1st Month Total: 37,500,000 Dster
2nd Month: Remains the same as the 1st month since no new releases or cliffs end.
2nd Month Total: 37,500,000 Dster
3rd Month:
  • Private: No additional since 10% was already released in the first month
  • Advisors: +500,000 (1% of 50,000,000)
  • Community: 0 (still within the 3-month cliff)
  • Partnerships: +200,000 (1% of 20,000,000)
  • Token Liquidity: (Total of 50,000,000 with 10% released initially and the rest over 6 months, so 7,500,000/month) +7,500,000
3rd Month Total: 45,700,000 Dster
6th Month:
  • Seed: No additional since 10% was already released in the first month
  • Team: (Given the 4-month cliff, they'll have released 1% of their tokens for 3 months by now) +4,500,000
  • Token Liquidity: By now, the total allocation of 50,000,000 would have been released. Given 10% was initially released and 7,500,000/month subsequently, it's 10,000,000 + (7,500,000 x 5) = 47,500,000. Subtracting the amount already considered, it's an additional 7,500,000.
6th Month Total: 57,700,000 Dster
Percentage of total supply in circulation:
1st Month: 3.75% 2nd Month: 3.75% 3rd Month: 4.57% 6th Month: 5.77%
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